Web portal, online magazine or blog with complete management system

A professional web portal, magazine or blog with a dedicated system for managing content, ads and users.

If you are planning to run a blog, online magazine or other web portal, you have come to the right place. It doesn't matter if it is a web portal with news, entertainment content, new technologies, books, sports, business, culture, lifestyle or if it is your personal blog that will allow you to build a personal brand. Each of these websites needs a professional content management system that allows you to add, remove and edit any content including articles, posts and news on your web portal.

Most of web portals and blogs earn money from online advertising. That is why you need an efficient advertising management system for your website. Such ad management system will allow you to display ads and specify where, when and what kind of ads should appear on your website. The system will also show you stats of ad impressions devided into days and advertising zones.

Modern websites involve users in their development. So let your visitors register and then add content and comments to your website. You will also be able to use collected users' emails to earn extra money later. All you need to to is download such list of emails, upload it to a mailing program (e.g. Mailchimp) and send advertisements to these users.

Allowing users to add comments on your website will help you to build position in Google search. However, sometimes users add content that is offensive or illegal. You must therefore be able to view and delete unwanted comments and block users who often add such content.

Web portal, magazine or blog with management system includes:

We will design and create a modern and fully responsive (it will adapt to different screen) website for your web portal, magazine or blog. Your website will be optimized for Google. It will contain unlimited pages and Content Management System (CMS) so you can update your website whenever you wish.

Content Management System (CMS) will allow you to add, edit and delete any content on your website such as news, posts or articles, adding photos and film content. Thanks to CMS you can manage your users database (e.g. downloading emails for mailing systems, adding or removing users from your system, blocking users if they break website regulations). You will be able to control comments added by your users and delete or change them if needed. CMS will help you to organize your advertising zones to make more money from online ads.

Here are some features of this system:
-adding, editing and deleting posts, articles and news
-uploading photos and films
-managing your users database
-adserver for managing ad campaings and viewing ad stats
-managing of user comments

We will make your website Google friendly. It meanse that we will:
-Add page titles and descriptions for SEO positioning
-Build a user-friendly website (Google love user-friendly website)
-Help you to choose keywords for your website
-Prepare sitemap of your website and submit it to Google index
-Create a responsive website that will look great on laptops, computers, tablets and mobile phones
-Make proper internal linking
-Create meta tags for Google robots
-Create friendly url addresses (e.g. www.yourdomain.com/blog/a-title-of-article instead of www.yourdomain.com/index.php?action=blog&p=123&title=a-title-of-article)
-Secure your website using HTTPS protocol
-Remove duplicate website addresses by 301 redirection (e.g. pages domain.com and www.domain.com are the same so therefore only one of them should be shown for Google)
-Add photos titles and descriptions

We will implement Google Analytics so that I can track visitors and their behaviour on your website.

Your website address will start with the https prefix. This means that your website will use a secure SSL connection. Such a protocol means more trust for your website. That is why large companies such as banks or online shops (where online payments are accepted) use this.
A secure protocol also has a big impact on your website's position in Google.

We will set up ten mailboxs for you in the domain of your website (e.g. info@yourdomanin.com, office@yourdomanin.com etc.). Each mailbox will have a capacity of 5 GB. If you want, we will show you how you can connect your new business mailbox with your private mailbox you are using now (e.g. gmail). You will be able to receive and send emails from your business email address using your private mailbox.

If you use our hosting service, we will take care of the configuration and settings of the server, e-mail and your web domain. We will configure and connect the database.

Sometimes bad things just happen. Server or hard disk failures are not as rare as you might think. That is why we regularly make a safety copy of your website (files and database) and keep it on another server. In case of failure we will be able to quickly bring your website back to life.

Your website needs space to grow. Our dedicated server will make your website work quickly, efficiently and safely.
Minimum server parameters:
-Processor: Intel i5-750 2.67GHz or better
-Cores: 4
-RAM: 16GB DDR3 1333 MHz
-Disc: 100 GB
-Network: 100 Mbps
-Data transfer: no limit

Only few people realize that it is almost impossible to write a program without any error in the code. That is why large comapnies pay so much attention to software testing. Testing should be done by a person or group of people who were not involved in code writing. For us, testing is very important as well because it affects the quality of the product we deliver to our customers. So before your website "goes into production" (such a programming slang) it will be well tested by our employees.

You don't need to know anything about programming, graphics and other technical stuff to have a professional website. A dedicated Project Manager will help you with this.
Programmers and designers use specific and professional vocabulary. A person outside the IT industry often has difficulty understanding this linguistic "slang". And this usually causes stress and unwillingness to talk.
Project Manager is a person who will be a link between you and a group of programmers and designers. This is a person who knows IT issues very well, but first of all he or she deals with customer service (that is you).
Project Manager will help you with your project, advise you and pass all your sugestions to the team working on your project. He/she will make sure that your project is done according to your suggestions and on time. Project Manager will also report your the progress of work on your project (you will be able to monitor the progress of work in your user account).

Fixed price (no hidden cost) for
"Web portal, magazine or blog with management system"
is only

£2 590

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Pay only 30% in advance now and the remaining balance when your web portal, blog or online magazine is done

Remember that money back guarantee applies. If you do not like the design we prepared (mock-up of the homepage) we will refund you the entire amount paid.