About us

Learn some interesting facts about us.

Who we are?

We are a group of people who once worked in large corporations. Frustrated at how little influence we had on what we do and how nobody listened to our ideas, we decided to start our own business. And do what we did before ... only much better.

In our crew there are programmers, graphic designers, software testers and project managers. We have a complete team able to create even the most demanding internet projects. What we have learned working for large software houses now we can use working on your project.

Who we do?

We create brilliant websites that look great on any device - computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone (this is called responsiveness).

We also design amazing logos that will make your business stand out from your competition.

We are aware that not everyone is a computer expert and not everyone knows how to create and publish websites. But we believe that everyone deserves a professional website. That is why we provide a comprehensive service which allows you to conquer the internet. We will not only create a unique and fully professional website for you, but we will also take care of the configuration of the server, e-mails and your web domain. But that is not all. We will also take care of your website security (backups) and optimize it for Google search engine. So you can only take care of your business.

Why should you choose us?

Working in large corporations is certainly not a waste of time. We have learned a lot there, gathered a lot of experience and we could participate in the creation of large IT systems. Now our experience and observations of the best corporate practices we can transferr to our much smaller company. We want those who come to us with smaller projects to feel important.

That's why we employ project managers to help you with your project. The project manager will be the only person you will be in contact with (you will not have to contact the graphic designers, programmers and software testers separately). You can pass all your comments and sugestions to your project manager and he will contact team members for you. Your project manager will make sure your is done as quickly and as best as possible. He will be the person who will "push" team members to do the work according to your guidelines.

From our work in corporations we also brought the idea of hiring software testers. We know how often errors occur in software and we know that testing shouldn't be done by the same person who coded program. This is the only way to fix all errors.

In large software houses the project manager most of the time spent on meetings with customer. It is a very good solution, but it is expensive (the customer eventually will have to pay for it in the price of the project) and it involves the customer a lot (he has to spend a lot of his time on such meetings). We want our customers to have full control over their project and at the same time we don't want them to waste unnecessarly time and money. That is why we have introduced our customer panel which makes every project easy to run.

In our customer you can check the progress of work on your project. You will see what has already been done, what is planned to be done and what we are currently working on regarding to your project. In the customer panel you can submit new tasks that you would like us to complete. Here you will also be able to communicate with your project manager and comment the work done so far.

What are we experts at?

We create websites in PHP - the best-known web programming language. This language gives great possibilities and can be used to create very complex websites. Modern websites are becoming faster and faster, and the interaction with the user is becoming more dynamic. That is why we create websites using JavaScript/jQuery and Ajax technology.

A good website is also based on a database. In our projects we usually use the MySQL database.