Expand your business with a new website

Find out how you can boost your business into new level with a professional website for just £60 / £30 per month

If you think that your business does not need to have a professional website then think again. Online presence is a must now.

The vast majority of people check information online before making any purchasing decision. The society is becoming better informed and aware. If a potential customers cannot find information about you or your company online, they will probably never trust you. That is why if you want to sell and earn more, you need a professional website that will attract attention of your customers and differ you from your competitors.

Do you think it is easy to create a professional website? Spend 2 minutes of your precious time and watch the video on the left and you will find out how websites should be designed and why you should not do it by yourself.

And remember that the first impression on a customer can only be made once :-)

Need a professional website?

Show the world your business with a modern website

Would you like your business to boost rapidly? Do you need to show your products or services to your customers? Or maybe you are just looking for new customers? In any case, you need a professional website. One that will look amazing on any device (computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone). A website which is user-friendly and well optimized for Google search engine. And finally - a website which is fast and reliable.

Now imagine a new customer is visiting your website. You only have five seconds to make a good impression. If he doesn't find what he's looking for on your website during this time, he'll leave it and probably never come back. And it will certainly happen if your website will load for a long time, will be done carelessly or the user will have trouble to navigate through it. Can you afford it?

Remember that now more than 50% of users browse the internet using their mobile phones. What do you think will happen if your website is not adapted to display on mobile phones? Yes. You are right. The user will quickly leave it and you will lose a potential customer.

Unless you are an online wizard you will probably need some help with your website. Be smart and trust professionals like us. You don't need to have a clue about websites to have a professional design. We will build your website from scratch, take care of the configuration and settings of the server, e-mails and your web domain. We will also take care of your website's security and will optimize it for Google. And we will do all of this for just £60 / £30 per month.

Professional and fully responsive website for just £60 / £30 * per month

* Monthly fee for the first 12 months is £60 and then only £30 per month.
Price already includes VAT.

Webdesign - package of free services
* Monthly fee from £60 for the first 12 months and then only £30 per month.
Our Website Package

Professional website with hosting and web domain for a small monthly fee

Now you do not need to pay a fortune to have a professional and fully responsive website. We will design and code your website and will take care of all technical issues such as server, web domain and emails configuration. And all this from just £60 a month for the first year of service and than only for £30 a month.

Our Website Package includes, among others:

Responsive design
Free support
Free hosting
Free web domain
Free email boxes
Google Package
How it works

6 steps to complete your project

Benefits package for you

What others make you pay for,
you get from us for free.
We do this just to make you happy.

Personal advisor

Your advisor will help you to understand technical issues and pass your comments to designers.

Free support

You will get free support from our team as a part of the monthly fee.

Launch Packege

Our Launch Package contains everything you need to make your website alive in internet.

Safety package

We will take care of the security of your website and its data.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not fully satisfied with the project we have prepared, we will refund you the money.

Google Package

We will make your website Google friendly and then we will submit it to Google index.

Customer panel

Working on your project doesn't have to be a nightmare. Our customer panel makes it easier.

Website statistics

The statistics of your website's visits will help you to measure the development of your business.

Convenient payment

We offer you a few online payment methods including PayPal and credit cards without any extra costs.

Free hosting

We will provide you with free hosting (server) for your website.

Free web domain

We will find an attractive web domain, register it and configure it for your website free of charge.

Free email addresses

We will set up 3 e-mailboxes in your web domain free of charge.

Personal advisor

A person who will help you with your project

You don't need to know anything about programming, graphics and other technical stuff to have a professional website. A dedicated Project Manager will help you with this.

Programmers and designers use specific and professional vocabulary. A person outside the IT industry often has difficulty understanding this linguistic "slang". And this usually causes stress and unwillingness to talk.

Project Manager is a person who will be a link between you and a group of programmers and designers. This is a person who knows IT issues very well, but first of all he or she deals with customer service (that is you).

Project Manager will help you with your project, advise you and pass all your sugestions to the team working on your project. He/she will make sure that your project is done according to your suggestions and on time. Project Manager will also report your the progress of work on your project (you will be able to monitor the progress of work in your user account).

Free support

Because sometimes you need to change something on your website.

We know that new ideas come to your mind all the time and sometimes you need to change something on your website. We do understand this. That is why you have free support as a part of the monthly fee*

If you need to make changes to your website, please contact your Project Manager (preferably by logging into your customer account and opening a new task) or email us at info@zumidesign.com

*Notice: During the design process of your website you can make any number of corrections. However, once we have finished working on your website and launched it, you will also be able to order changes to it. Your monthly fee includes one hour of our programmer's work per month. If the changes or corrections your require needs more work, we will charge you an additional fee of £25 for each additional hour of our work.

Launch Packege

3,2,1... your website is on

Our launch packege contains everything you need to make your website alive in internet. We will configure a server, a web domain and add a SLL protocol to your website.

Safety package

Bad things happen, but your website and data are always secured.

People are divided into those who make backups and those who... will make backups :-) Fortunately, you don't have to worry about it. We will ensure the security of your website and data.

You can sleep peacefully and we will take care of your website's security. We regularly make copies of our customers' files and databases and keep them on separate servers. In case of server failure, we will quickly bring your website back to life.

Money Back Guarantee

We get your payment only if you are fully happy with your web design.

We know that you may have some doubts and concerns related to our work on your website design. This is obvious, especially that we probably have not got a chance to work together so far. We want you to be 100% sure about the quality of work we will do for you. Therefore, if you are not fully satisfied with the project we have prepared, we will refund you the money.

Money back guarantee applies to the website mockup we have prepared. If you accept the mockup design of homepage of your website and we proceed to further work on your project, you cannot request for a refund.

The refund will be processed through the same payment channel as you paid order (e.g. if the order was paid by credit card then the refund will be made to the same credit card).

Google Package

If you are not in Google, you probably do not exist.

If you can't find your website on Google, then probably nobody will visit it. Our Google package will help your website to exist in net. We will prepare your website to be Google friendly and we will submit it to Google index.

Our Google package includes:
-Adding page titles and descriptions for SEO positioning
-Building a user-friendly website and that means that Google will love it too
-Helping in choosing keywords for your website
-Preparing sitemap of your website and submit it to Google index
-Creating a responsive website that will look great on laptops, computers, tablets and mobile phones (Google just loves it)
-Making proper internal linking
-Creating meta tags for Google robots
-Creating friendly url addresses (e.g. www.yourdomain.com/blog/a-title-of-article instead of www.yourdomain.com/index.php?action=blog&p=123&title=a-title-of-article)
-Securing your website using HTTPS protocol
-Removing of duplicate website addresses by 301 redirection (e.g. pages domain.com and www.domain.com are the same so therefore only one of them should be shown for Google)
-Adding photos titles and descriptions

Customer panel

You will enjoy your project with our customer panel.

Working on a project doesn't have to be a nightmare. Our customer panel will make it much easier and you will have everything in one place. Managing your project has never been so easy.

Our customer panel will help you to manage your project. First of all, you can check the progress of work on your project. You will see what has already been done, what is planned to be done and what we are currently working on regarding your project.

In the customer panel you can submit new tasks that you would like us to complete. Here you will also be able to communicate with your Project Manager and comment the work done so far regaring to your project.

You will also be able to download your invoices here.

Website statistics

Start measuring your business.

We will implement Google Analytics stats so you can track visitors and their behaviour on your website.

Find out which pages and Google search results your users come. Learn which devices (desktop, laptop, mobile phone) do they use. See how many pages of your website they visit and how long they stay at your website.

Convenient payment

Convenient online payments without additional costs.

We offer you a few online payment methods without any extra costs. We can choose between PayPal and credit cards.

Free hosting

Hosting is home to your website.

Now you don't need to worry about technical issues related to your website at all. As part of the monthly fee we will provide you with hosting and we will configure the server for you.

Minimum server parameters:
-Processor: Intel Core i7-6700 or better
-RAM: 64GB
-Disc: 25 GB
-Network: 1 Gbit/s
-Data transfer: no limit

Free web domain

An attractive web domain will help you to reach your customers easier.

We will find an attractive web domain (you will need to approve it) and will register it. You will get if for free (as a part of the monthly fee). Then we will configure this web domain so your website could be available at this internet address.

The web domain can be re-registered to you or your company after you pay 12th monthly fee.

If you already have a registered domain that you would like to use for the new site, that is great. Your dedicated advisor in the person of Project Manager will contact you and provide you with the necessary data to redirect this web domain to our servers.

Free email addresses

Contact your customers from your own email address.

We will set up 3 mailboxes in your web domain (e.g. info@yourwebsite.co.uk, yourname@yourwebsite.co.uk, office@yourwebsite.co.uk). Each mailbox will have a capacity of 1 GB. If you want, we will show you how you can connect your new business mailbox with your private mailbox you are using now (e.g. gmail). You will be able to receive and send emails from your business email address using your private mailbox.